YG Rift Database Announced

LAS VEGAS, NV. [February 18, 2011] – YG.com, a leading provider of Internet gaming and online community tools, has announced that they will soon be launching their complete Rift database, which will contain quality resources for gamers much like their other successful game databases.

Rift, developed by Trion Worlds, is an upcoming MMORPG that has been eagerly anticipated by the gaming community since 2009. Set in a beautiful Tolkien-inspired fantasy world, Rift offers “everything a gamer expects to find in a top-quality fantasy game”, including a character creation process that allows players to experiment with their characters’ class build to get the precise customization that they want, and a playing environment that is friendly to solo and group players alike. The game is set to launch on March 1, 2011.

Using their vast experience in database creation and extensive programming skills, YG.com is creating a Rift database that matches the quality of their popular game databases for FFXIV, Aion, and Age of Conan. The database will feature vital information about items, quests, and NPCs, as well as a Soul Calculator tool that will help Rift players come up with a custom character build that is well-suited for their playing style. Players will be able to access the database at http://rift.yg.com/.

“We’ve been receiving a number of requests for a Rift database even back when we were working on the YG FFXIV database,” says Brian Higby, YG.com’s chief technology officer. “We know that this game could very well be the next big thing in the MMORPG industry and that many players are looking forward to its release, so we’re making sure to provide them with the tools and information they need to really enjoy playing the game.”

About YG.com
Yellow Gremlin Network (YG.com), established in 2008, is a privately owned provider of Internet gaming and online community tools. Through its website at http://www.yg.com, the company offers a collection of game databases designed and developed by computer engineers, and powered by proprietary technology to provide relevant support and information to online gamers and ensure in-game satisfaction. YG.com’s popular databases enhance the online gaming experience for massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) including Age of Conan, Aion, Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XIV.

In February 2010, YG.com took over the management of Lineage II Warehouse (L2WH) and Aion Warehouse (AionWH).

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More information is available online at http://www.yg.com.

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Where to Buy Cheap FFXI Gil

Course, inexpensive FFXI Gil is available for you online, even as any different computer money (World of Warcraft, Ragnarok,…) can be purchased from on line businesses. While some of these shops are sort of umbrageous, you needn’t discriminate all of them because there truly are some well-led business enterprises out on the web offering you Gil for competitive sums of money. And why is that? Essentially, easily put : It’s a terrific money-maker system for poorer areas! Envisage Indians working in mines or mills each day, and immediately let them toy a game like FFXI all daylong to pull together Gil in order to resell them. What appears more well heeled for you? Yes, it ain’t the mines, and that’s what these persons say to themselves, also, indeed why shouldn’t they frankly do work and give you the FFXI Gil you demand if they ‘re getting well reimbursed to do this? Many legit stores truly offer exactly as predicted and they ‘re still inexpensive and favorable in their client service.

Purchasing inexpensive FFXI GilFFXI Gil for on line games can have diverse motivative principles. You could for example be desiring to speed the gameplay a bit because you ‘re feeling stupid by the slow speed of it. And this is ofttimes the situation since oft you require a exceptional object to finish a pursuit and you just don’t have the money, so you expend a long time or more only looking to find more Gil in order to purchase that alternatively of doing something funny and amusing, which is, after all, the emotions you use the game (and pay!) for. Hence why shouldn’t you aid yourself a bit by getting 1000s of Gil for a really small sum of money? It genuinely is, if you let your mind get unclouded about it, better than giving days and days of training to get the Gil yourself! Or you could merely seek to get stronger in the game to beat out some people you know, and getting FFXI Gil is a astonishing manner of reaching exactly this!.

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Tibia Fighting Guide

When playing Tibia tibia fightig would be considered the basical skill in the game,every plaer needs to know it,but while fighting or walking on dangerous area, you need to be able to see the following places on your computer screen: Your health/mana, your items (including ammo), your character’s surroundings, your opponent/ally and what he does. Nowadays, it is easier to see your own health, since it is a meter on your head and since you can see how much damage you do/take. Also your mana can be seen with only small eye movement to the right.

You should keep eye on both of these, if they run out while fighting a monster or a player, you will be in grave danger. You need be aware of your surroundings so that you won’t get trapped by monsters or environment, no matter are you charging or fleeing. Also, remember that if you move your eyes from the screen for even 5 seconds, you might be dead when you check the screen again.

Luring is required when you are facing a group of monsters that you can take out only one at the time. You need to get close enough to the monsters, so that only one of them will notice you. Then start running away from the monsters, but so that one of them will keep following you.When you belive you are far enough to not be seen or attacked by the other monsters, you may stop to kill the single monster you lured with you.

Note: Be careful! If you lure a powerful monster and leave it lured to a place where people do not expect to see it, they will get most mad at you! In this kind of situation, if you cannot handle the monster yourself, the least you can do is warn people about the lured monster to the counsellors or in the game-chat.

Avoiding monsters
If you are low on health, low on mana or in a dangerous place without anything you could heal yourself with, you hardly want to encounter any monsters. Sometimes, you will simply run into a situation where you want to get somewhere without getting killed by any possible monsters that are on the way. The basic way to avoid monsters has been to use Invisible spell. However, this doesn’t fool all monsters and invisible spell can only be used by mages and paladins with magic level of 15. Unless a knight gets his hands on one of the rare invisiblity runes or rings.

If you want to go down into a hole, but are afraid that you will die from the monsters down there before you can rope yourself up, there are two basic ways to check what is in the hole: First way requires that you have friend with you. As you go down, quickly check your battle window for surrounding monsters.

Your friend will then immediately use the rope with the hole, pulling you up before any possible monsters down there can damage you too much. Second way requires that you have a PA and have bought the magic rape spell. Go down into the hole, check your battle window for surrounding monsters and immediately cast the spell.

Thank you for your reading,hope this basic guide can help you to know much about the fighting and can get more tibia money for your character!

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How to Earn Aion Kinah

Aion offers a slew of highly gripping and thrilling massively multiplayer online games. Gaming is a sure way to stay agog with gusto. I felt the maddening spirit of online gaming after I had a go at Aion games.

An in-depth understanding of Aion economy is what helps Aion players outperform the players on the opposite side. Winning is followed by an overwhelming sense of confidence and feeling of joy. This is what I experienced from playing Aion games and want to share with you. Aion Kinah is a gaming currency that plays the instrumental in Aion economy.

Get gripping the nitty-gritty of Aion economy before you plunge into the field. ‘Buy low, sell high’ is an age-old business jargon that is much relevant to Aion games. Understand the jargon to the core to be on the side of profitability in games from Aion. Mastering the world of an Aion game is a skill that develops from the hang of Aion economy. Knowing all about the gaming economy of Aion, you can easily get at the tactics of how to make a pile of Aion kinah, the currency of great use in Aion games.

One of the effective methods to earn Aion kinah is to find an item that is on high demand and available at a relatively low price. Buying items in demand at a lower price and reselling them at a higher price is the wise of you to bag Aion kinah in abundance. This strategy never goes wrong to help you make a healthy profit. However, the method is not absolutely risk free. Taking the risk can prove to be rewarding if you put the best foot forward to dominate Aion’s economy.

Make sure to sell the items at the trade broker. Don’t make haste and take an impulsive step while looking for a broker and selling the items. Or else you may end up making Aion Kinah less than what you deserve to have. So never go for the quickest option. Do study Aion economy in details to determine the promising methods of buying and selling items in order to build a heap of Aion kinah.

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Don’t Search For Mafia Wars Cheats With out Reading This!

The world of Mafia Wars has literally blossomed into a huge platform where hundreds of thousands of people from different nations play the sport everyday. The game requires skill and strategy. Get to know concerning the Mafia Wars cheats fable and know how you can really play and win the game!

To start with, by cheats we do not imply cracking up the game. These are simply tricks and expert advice that you should utilize to scale back the time you’d take to succeed in the top of the sport, or complete a job on it.

Turning into a boss on the sport requires an enormous quantity of skill and technique together with pragmatic utility within the game. While you do this, you possibly can you should definitely level up pretty quick and become a boss and even more. As with all different video games, there are tricks, suggestions and secret advices that you should use liberally to get to larger floor quicker than your peers or competitors. Yow will discover big variety of the so-known as cheats — that are just particular advices and skilled tips — for the game in the present day, anywhere online.

As a way to find them, you must strive the boards first. This is where most of the consultants who’re taking part in the game everyday discuss every thing related to the game. You’d be stunned to search out special classes for iTouch “>Mafia Wars cheats etc.

There’s actually a huge beckoning for Mafia Wars money cheats. The reason is virtually everybody needs to degree up fast with out having to go through the pains of routine. Due to one million and extra websites, you are able to do that simply today.

Then there is always the search engines and the Zynga web site itself the place Zynga cheats on Facebook are available in plenty. In terms of this game, the cheats are nothing more than a combination of a tip and a strategy.

If you happen to plan to spend time gaming quite than making an attempt to keep finding mafia wars cheats, you will need to get to a web site which particularly caters to you! Get all your tips, tips and particular moves proper away.

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Interactive Driving Games Online

The particular release of the modern video gaming controllers have supplied that great hardcore game addicts enough option for fun. These kind of digital games equipment are exclusively meant to catch the attention of both individuals and young children. They arrived at that great clients having numerous user-friendly features like controllers, joysticks and large size control keys. The actual connections concerning that great online players and the games system assist in the actual participants to create their abilities as well as abilities. While these kinds of units are elevated using the audio tracks as well as video tutorial attributes they offer endless amusement towards online game addicts. Right now one of the well known video gaming apparatus, specifically the actual Nintendo DS is attaining popularity one of several masses.

Since these kinds of video gaming units are acknowledged as the suitable technique of amusement, the most notable contributing suppliers are looking into to design online game controllers which are advanced as well as easy to use. Using fantastic interactivity feature, these kind of video gaming units pawn to provide modern visuals as well as animations. All those complex digital video gaming have transformed that great amusement situation altogether by presenting interesting as well as daring games. Electronic digital games of each genre are usually well-liked by the actual players. Nonetheless, this driving games constantly often captivate the children. All those racing games are created to provide natural feeling as well as animations. All those video gaming are usually usually full of journey as well as actions. They’re being far more exciting as well as enhance the creativity of the actual players.

The modern Nintendo DS driving games are usually definitely fun filled games and have all of the interactivity attributes. The Need for Speed Carbon is surely an extraordinary street racing online game in which reaches drive your own spirit crazy. The actual interesting online game has cycle of block circuits against the challengers to maintain the actual players held throughout the games practice. When the game player wins the particular battle then he is able to dominate that great place of the actual enemy team. That great attracting touch pad is needed to correct that great course although; experiencing the shoulder control keys accomplish experiencing the complicated attributes like braking as well as accelerating. If you appreciate that great voyage in the racing video gaming then the particular stimulating racing online game may be worth obtaining. The particular Wii confidential controllers like the Nintendo DS point out the actual face instruction function. This element helps you to brace up his / her face muscles. The particular WiFi attribute will grant the particular players to socialize with their opponents.

Those unique games are usually common in shops and are possibly offered on the net a free. The particular free online digital video gaming nonetheless, have got fewer video angle. But all those games offer indefinite thrills to experiencing the players. These kind of online suppliers entice the game addicts using attractive titles as well as conditions using their hottest online game console. You will find several online retailers in which show several different digital games to fulfill this desires of the genre of clients. The actual driving games would be the most desired genre in the online merchants. These kinds of video gaming help the actual players to choose their recommended vehicles as well as drivers. You can find possibly different track designs available. Using all those video gaming the particular players can completely overcome their friends. Nonetheless, enjoying these video gaming online might make it possible for experiencing the online players to compete using players throughout the globe.

The actual racing games of Nintendo DS have become daring as well as give several complex sights of games in its vivid LCD screens. That great WiFi association can certainly association the actual players collectively as well as help them to unlock the actual stimulating editions of that great awesome games. This great attribute allows the actual game player to get much more totals. That great racing games have got unusual sound good quality as well as amazing visuals. The particular exclusive PictoChat element enables the actual people to create on display screen messages. These types of messages might be sent wirelessly also to their close friends. The particular participants must try to increase their series using the actual daring Nintendo video gaming. Experiencing the embedded microphone of these video gaming gadgets controls that great sound of the actual exciting video gaming in which further offers new dimensions to this games.

While you will find numerous electronic digital gadgets to pick from these days, it will become uncomplicated for the actual gamers to pick their favored video gaming from the online suppliers. All those online merchants give several interactive video gaming including billiards, casinos, war, military, driving as well as racing and so forth.

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The Trick Of How To Quickly Level In Aion

As you start playing Aion, you may start to question why some Aion players are easily dominating through rapid progress through all the levels. They also seem to be landing incredible amounts of kinah, yet at the same time they managed to get some great high end loot. Soon you have to face up to the obvious conclusion: They know more about the game mechanics and features than anyone else.

The best way to match these uber gamers, and to level up quickly in Aion, is to use an Aion levelling guide. A quality Aion leveling guide is produced by experience gamers. Aion isn’t a new game – the closed betas were announced a couple of years ago for Asian gamers. The guide authors have been playing the game for a while now, and know all the best tricks to level up quickly.

A quality Aion leveling guide gives you the right techniques that not only give you a tried route to quickly level up – but as a side effect, give your character the power to completely dominate your adversaries. This works because the guide will have a full description of all aspects of the game. By understanding the game mechanics, how to efficiently chain quests and missions, and which combinations of armours, weapons and spells are most effective, you’ll find you can quickly level up your character.

The best part about a good Aion levelling guide is that the techniques you pick up cover all aspects of the game. If you know how to farm a mission for experience, then as a side effect you’ll be picking up loot drops and kinah as well. Showing you the best build to defeat large mobs of a certain type of enemy also gives you the right build to farm those enemies for kinah, loot, and more experience.

Obviously, earning massive amounts of kinah is going to help you enormously as you advance through the game – buying high end weapons and armour, and adding new items to boost your skills will always help – but these should not be the focus of your gaming. When all is said and done, your gameplay skills in Aion will be judged first and foremost how high a level your character is.

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Download DK Jungle Climber for Free From Nintendo DSi Center

DK Jungle Climber is one of the most popular DSi games. In fact, if you want to play DK Jungle Climber on your DS you can visit a website called Nintendo DSi Center which has long been existing on the internet for years. This is a legitimate website when downloading from the website you wouldn’t have to worry more about copyrighted materials.

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