WoW Schools Review

WoW Schools Review

Making money in WoW can be a tedious and boring process. If you’re not making enough money by questing and find yourself farming and grinding in order to get that new shiny piece of equipment, then maybe you should have a look at W.S.. In this WoW Schools Review article I’m going to dissect W.S. money making course a bit and see if it’s worth buying.

WoW Schools Review: Price

You can purchase this guide for $37. That’s pretty much the going rate on the major money gold making guides, so it is definitely a competitive price in that market. There is also a risk free 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the course.

WoW Schools Review: Installation, Ease of Use, Appearance, Comprehensiveness

W.S. is based on certain add-ons. It explains in detail where to get them, how to install them, and how to use them. All instructions are in a web based tutorial format with high quality pics.

The ‘school’ its self looks nice and professionally done. It’s broken down into an easy to navigate 7 part course and additional bonus material. The first couple lessons are all about learning how to use the WoW resources out on the net and what add-ons are worthwhile. The later lessons are all about reaching gold cap, starting from 0 gold.

A very popular way of making gold in WoW is playing the auction house. W.S. takes this idea and injects it with steroids. It teaches you where to get price trend info from, how to compare it from different sources, what to sell and why, why selling certain items in stacks of 20′s is not the most profitable way of doing it, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It really is a lesson in WoW economics, accompanied by practical ‘how to screen shots’ and instructions. By the end of the course not only will you know how to make money, but you will know why this method works so well.

WoW Schools Review: Bonus Material and Updates

You get some very cool and useful bonus materials with W.S.. They have guides for every crafting profession, gathering profession, and the secondary professions of Fishing and Cooking and First Aid. Everything is updated for the new skill cap of 525.

You also get Tom’s Power Leveling Guide. This Guide gives you a lot information about assisted leveling and multiboxing. Updates to W.S. are also including with the price, so you don’t have to worry about your purchase becoming obsolete.

W.S. will leave you equipped to earn gold for the rest of your WoW career. It’s definitely a great addition to any leveling guide you may have. If you don’t like it you can get a refund. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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Download Rooms DS DS /DSi Game – Play Rooms DS on your DS/DSi!

Do you have a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi? Do you know that now you can play Rooms DS and almost all downloadable DS/DSi games? In this article, I will show you how to play downloadable Rooms DS DS/DSi games on your consoles!

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As a Nintendo DSi player and a big fun of Rooms DS, I tried Nintendo DSi Center and become their member yesterday. So after I logged into my account, I read instructions on how to play downloadable DSi games on my console. Just 2 minutes later I was playing Rooms DS on my Nintendo DSi. I also download some movies for my Nintendo DSi too… It was a great feeling to have a choice of so many games and movies.

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Now I have Rooms DS and hundreds of DSi games and I watch movies on my DSi daily. I download games daily now with large collections of games it gets kind of addicting downloading games. Imagine you are let free in a game store and you are allowed to have any DSi game you like. I am very happy with Nintendo DSi Center it really gave me great service! I know now how to hack my Nintendo DSi now and glad I found this site.

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How To: Set up Xbox 360 Live

So you have gone out and bought the Xbox 360!? It was a fantastic decision and you will enjoy hours upon hours of playing time with your new device, but before you get started into the wide world of online gaming you are going to need to know how to connect the 360 to the Live network.

Before you do anything you are going to need to decide how you plan on connecting the bad boy. The 360 supports both wired and wireless connections. In order to use a wireless connection you will need the Xbox 360 Wireless adapter. Personally I find the wireless connection to be a bit too temperamental for my liking so I go with a wired connection via a router, but not everyone has the same wireless experience.

To set up the connection via a router unplug the router and the modem and turn off the 360. Connect an Ethernet cable to one of the out ports of the preexisting router then connect the cord to the back of your 360. Plug everything back in and turn and give the modem and router about 3 minutes to reboot.

Once you have given everything a few minutes to reboot you can turn the 360 back on. If you have already set up a gamer profile you will see the Xbox Live screen. If you have not set up an account you will be prompted to do so. All you need to do is follow the on screen instructions. It is a pretty cut and dry process and should not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

If you want to go wireless or you must go wireless you will need to get the Xbox360 wireless network adapter. The adapters are available at most stores that sell 360 games or you can order it online. Once you have the adapter unplug any Ethernet cable you might have plugged into the 360 then clip the Network adapter to the back of the 360. It is really easy to see where it belongs, but just in case, the adapter will sit right alongside the USB port which is right above the Ethernet port. Once you have clipped it in plug the USB cable that is attached to the adapter into the port on the Xbox 360. Flip up the antenna that is laying flat against the adapter and you are set, well almost set.

Turn on the 360 and head into the System tray. You will see Network options, go ahead into that screen and follow it through to the “Edit Settings” subcategory. The Network name should appear on a list of available networks. Select your network and enter the password, if there is a password. Exit out and you should be ready to play.

It is all a very simple process and Microsoft has gone ahead and made it super easy to setup the network in no time at all. From start to finish the entire setup should only take about 15 minutes, tops!

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Joana’s WoW Horde Leveling Guide Review

It is quite challenging to select a WoW Guide that would put you to the topmost levels in the shortest amount of time. Those who have been playing the game for a long time together with the newbies are unceasingly trying to find that one useful and effective guide. In this article, I will help you look into one of the more well-known leveling guide out there in the market-Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide.

Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide is intended to be use if you opt to play a character that belongs to the Horde faction. This guide was developed by a person known only for his character’s name of Joana or Mancow. He earned his fame by establishing the records within several servers in achieving levels 60 and 70. Various WoW gamers then started to ask him about his gameplans. The relentless questions gave him the idea to develop Joana’s Leveling Guides.

Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide is a set of 3 leveling guides amongst them, the 1-70 Horde Leveling Guide, the 70-80 Wrath of the Lich King Guide, and the 1-80 Horde Wrath of the Lich King Guide. Contain within these guides are step-by-step ways that guarantee you the easy and swiftest path to level 80. They feature an in-game leveling mod combined with extensive techniques on how to power level your Horde character. One good thing about Joana’s Horde Leveling guide is that the techniques are backed by video support to further demonstrate and better comprehend the guide. The well thought of strategies are proofs of Joana’s great skills as a WoW gamer.

Holding on to the latest development of in-game leveling Joana’s WoW Guide presently contains an interactive map mod that shows the coordinates and locations of a player. An automatic direct arrow accomplishes this by directing to a player the path he needs to follow. This cancelled out the distracting act of pressing alt+tab or leaving the game window to consult a text guide.

The same with all the leading leveling guides, Joana’s Horde Leveling Guides, are also complies to the restrictions implemented by Blizzard when it comes to add-ons. Joana’s strategies are all legal and will not result to a ban on a player’s account when put to use.

Even though Joana’s Guides are made to cater only to those who are playing the Horde characters, it does not lessened the fact that what Joana accomplished made sure that his techniques, tips, strategies, and methods are reliable and effective. I will definitely suggest to all the committed as well to the amateur gamers of the World of Warcraft that this leveling guide will be worth a try.

Learn more from my in-depth Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide Review. See also my list of WoW’s Best Leveling Guides.

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Jeff Song is an avid World of Warcraft gamer who reviews the best WoW guides currently available to the gaming community.

Game Development Company India: Offering High Quality Games Development at Affordable Cost

Gaming sites are much popular these days. With the number of online users looking for entertainment and amusement increasing everyday, online games development is going take a major chunk of a programmer’s work schedule. Many sites have also started outsourcing the process of game development to offshore companies, majority of them based in India and China to save development cost.

Talking about outsourcing destinations, India has surge ahead of other nations mainly due the availability of world class professionals who offer affordable yet quality and reliable services on time. Since the country has been on the forefront as an outsourcing destination for quite some time, a game development company India offers a customer-centric service and knows the importance of working in close association with its global clients so as to deliver a satisfactory product and well within the stipulated time limit. Indian game developers are also well skilled to work with different tools such Flash, Shockwave, Freehand, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

To find a game development company India, you can run an online search and visit the sites of the leading game development companies in India. Open each site and read their portfolio. Find if they have work on projects akin to yours. See the how skilled and qualified are the professionals. Take into consideration the price factor too. After analyzing all these factors, choose an affordable company which you think is best suited to carry out your project.

Most Indian game development companies use Flash technology in designing games. Apart from gameplay, the most important factors for a success game design are excellent graphics supported with interactivity. An Indian Flash development company can create rich and engaging graphics supported with high quality audio and video clips. And a great gameplay is developed using Flash, the players are transported to a different world. They feel as if they are physically and mentally into the game.

Indian game developers can also designed Flash games corporate sites and educational sites. These games however are wrapped around a promotional concept or are e-learning games which are comparatively small in terms of size and length.

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Battleground Intros – Strand of the Ancients

Strand is the first battleground to introduce vehicles and turrets. A lot of what is going on in this BG is similar to Wintergrasp. This is a 15 vs 15 map that is won by breaking through all the doors and getting to the final objective faster than the other team. This is done by going through 2 separate rounds of gameplay. In one round you will be the attackers and in another round you will be the defenders. Who goes first is random.

The game starts with the attacking team split up onto 2 boats that land at the beach. The defenders start in the middle of the “stronghold” that they are trying to defend. On the beaches near the boats are demolishers, 2 per boat. There are also bombs that every attacker can pick up, just one at a time. The purpose is to use the demolishers and bombs to blow through several doors until you get to the Wintergrasp like objective. On the beach there are 2 doors, a blue and green door. At each of these doors are 2 turrets, this is the setup with all of the 5 doors on this map. Ideally the attacking team will want to immediately send all demos to 1 door for a better chance of getting through.

After getting through the first defenses, the fight will move to the middle area. In this part there are 2 graveyards owned by the defense. Attackers will want to cap these points as this causes your spawn point to move up as well as new demos spawning in the middle area. These GYs care capped immediately once through the casting and defense can not get them back, so defending them is a good idea. Once the attackers are into this middle area they will be up against 2 more doors on either side, red and purple. You only need to break through 1 door but having both down allows for more demos to get through.

Once you get through 1 or both doors, the fight will then move to the last door before the final vault door. The yellow door, this is where defense either holds you back or crumbles. Smart attackers will line up a 4 demo push, 2 coming from each side. Doing this right should get you through the yellow door and possibly through the vault door or at least a few shots to it. For defense, they will want to start attacking the demos pretty far out. If you are waiting till they get close then it will be game over fast.

After the yellow door, there is only the short stretch to the vault door. This door doesn’t have any turrets but it is quite a distance from where the demos spawn to the vault door, a smart defense can really push them back, but they can’t abandon the door due to the bombs players can pickup. There is an unlimited supply of bombs only 50 yards away from the final door so attackers could potentially blow through the door without demos.

The only other thing to know is, if neither team beats the 10 min clock timer, then the game is a draw and both teams lose.

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Farmville Game Tactics – Farm Wizard

Playing a game and not knowing how to go about it can be really frustrating for any gamer. This also holds true for most Farmville gamers. But, before you even think about quitting, it helps to give the game a second look as you try searching for some basic Farmville game tactics that might help you in your journey to become the best farmer there is.

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One way to keep you playing and on top of others is to know how the game works. Knowing some Farmville game tactics will rid you of the worries and hassles you might encounter as you go along. Not only that, it might even get you back up and playing in no time, knowing what more you can do with your farm.

The very basic strategy if you are just starting out is to save your coins. Just buy the things that will bring in more profit at the least time possible. This is where buying seeds, plowing, planting, harvesting and selling your produce comes in. Buying seeds should be a top priority over animals and vehicles until you get to a certain level or else you might not have enough coins left to progress in the game.

Another thing to look into is experience points. One of the most important things in the game is your way of getting more experience points. You can simply obtain them by harvesting consistently or by helping out your neighbors. Doing so will give you enough points that will allow you to get more ribbons to level up quickly.

Saving money and learning how to earn coins and experience points are just the start. There are still plenty of basic Farmville game tactics you need to know such as buying buildings, giving gifts, etc. They may seem pretty basic but they can greatly affect the outcome of your quest to be the top farmer in Farmville.

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Good Online Poker Strategy

Online poker strategy is a hot topic across the Internet since the explosion of poker’s popularity in the past decade. Since the inception of televised poker (most notably by ESPN), online gambling websites have invested millions of dollars’ worth of advertising on television networks for the sole purpose of luring poker aficionados to their sites. While advertising for online gambling is not legal in many states, these poker websites easily sidestep the legality by advertising “for fun” sites where customers cannot use their own money, with a near-identical domain name registered for actual monetary commitment nearby. As a result, online poker draws countless new customers each day and fortunes are won and lost at Internet card tables.

Like any form of entertainment, online poker has experts willing to sell their secrets to the highest bidders. Professional poker players have published dozens of books filled with their advice and bookstores have been quick to follow suit, dedicating valuable shelf space to these online guides. Online poker strategy is not terribly different from that of table poker, and a novice player will benefit from the tactics of both online and table poker books.

Much of the strategy behind winning consistently at poker depends on the mathematics of the game. As a player has no real way to know what cards his opponent is holding, there is no 100% effective outcome for poker players (hence the term, gambling). However, understanding the math behind the poker will allow the player to understand situations where calling or folding, based on nothing but the odds of the game, is in his or her best interest.

All the math behind poker relies on the simple fact that there are 52 cards in a deck. In a game of Hold ‘Em poker, a player receives two cards, in a game of Omaha four, in a game of Stud, five. Thus, while a player does not know which cards are in the hands of the opponents, the remaining cards (a specific few of which are needed for a successful, winning hand) are in plain sight for anyone to count. Using this information, a player can determine the amount of money in the pot to calculate what is called “pot odds”. Pot odds will either favor the player based upon the rewards weighed against the statistical chance of success, or favor folding his or her hand given the lack of a successful hand being dealt.

For example, say a Hold ‘Em player needs a single diamond to make a flush, which would be the best hand available to any player in this scenario. While there are 13 diamonds in the deck, the Hold ‘Em player has two of them and there are two on the table (as five are needed for a flush). Thus, there are only 9 potential diamonds in the remaining cards. If the player has two cards, his opponent has two cards, and there are four cards on the table, there are 44 cards remaining, a 9/44 chance of hitting a diamond or approximately a one in five chance.

In this scenario, the pot is $50, with a $5 call for the player with the flush draw. The potential payout is ten to one while the odds are one to five — thus, the pot odds favor calling the $5 for the payout is double the chance of winning the hand. While this particular hand may only be won 20% of the time, if it would be played out 100 times, the player would statistically be likely to lose around $400 while winning around $1000.

Online poker strategy, such as pot odds calculations, can be taken to any Internet game room and can help a player turn his luck around. The math behind poker allows for easy calls or easy folds, even if a player has no idea whether or not his opponent is bluffing.

About the Author

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The Console MMO’s Are Coming – Part Two

In part 1 of this article, we examined Star Trek Online, The Agency and Age of Conan, three MMO’s likely destined for either the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, or both at some point in the future.

This week we look at a few more games almost definitely hitting the consoles within a year, and along the way we discuss what it is that makes each of these games a good fit for the platforms they’ll be coming to.

Free Realms:

Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Release Date: 2010

What is it? There’s a new wave of massively multiplayer online games, a seemingly inexorable march towards the free to play model.

It’s a system that has seen great success in Korea and in Eastern MMO gaming in general, yet hasn’t really been embraced or exploited in the West. Sony Online Entertainment is at the forefront of a vigorous push to change that way of thinking, and bring gamers in the West quality games on a free to play model.

For a long time the standing model of the monthly pay to play fee has gone unchallenged. Ultima Online, Everquest, Everquest II, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, all these games and many more have been run successfully on this model. But is it sustainable in the long term?

There are two strong arguments running against the pay to play model. The first would be that the market can only support a finite number of these kinds of games. Gamers only have so much disposable income to burn on their hobby, and at an average price of $14.99 USD a month, most gamers can only really justify paying for one or two subscriptions at any given time.

One of the upsides of this environment is that it breeds competition, and any MMO charging a monthly rate needs to reach a certain standard if it wants to survive. The downside as I’ve mentioned, is that it means gamers get a smaller pool of games to choose from as fewer publishers are willing to take the risk of crashing and burning in the spectacular manner of Richard Garriot’s Tabula Rasa.

The second argument against pay to play games, specifically on consoles, is that console gamers just aren’t conditioned to pay a monthly fee to play games; some might argue that they’ll never be. It’s simply a concept that’s alien to them.

Enter Sony Online Entertainment’s new MMO strategy, which involves a lineup of high quality free to play games, starting with Free Realms.

For the longest time, when most gamers heard the phrase “free to play”, it more than likely conjured up images of obscure, poorly localized Korean efforts built less around actual constructive gameplay, and more around an eternal process of grinding and limited play options forcing you to purchase items to experience core gameplay. Not anymore.

Free Realms was built specifically from the ground up to be accessible to gamers of all ages, and to be a quality experience that makes a positive first impression.

In terms of pure polish, the game rivals many of its pay to play contemporaries and probably bests most.

Another thing that makes Free Realms such a great example for the free to play model is that unlike most games that pursue the same model, you’re never forced to actually buy anything to enjoy the core game. Any expenses you make are incidental and will only add to the experience.

Chances of it happening: Barring a sudden and major failure in the Free Realms business model, this one’s an absolute and definite lock. While SOE seems to be taking their time porting Free Realms to the PlayStation 3, expect it to hit some time in mid to late 2010, by which time it’s conceivable the console would have benefited from yet another price cut, making it an even more viable offering for the family audience Free Realms has proven itself so attractive to.

DC Universe Online:

Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Release Date: 2010

What is it? By all accounts the Xbox 360 should already be home to a superhero MMO in the form of Marvel Universe Online, a game that was in development at Cryptic Studios (developer of Champions Online, City of Heroes/Villains, and the Star Trek Online) before Microsoft quietly halted production and killed the project.

Meanwhile, Sony Online Entertainment had been quietly working on their own superhero MMO, utilizing rival comic book publisher’s license, DC Comics.

Despite initially looking a little rough around the edges, newer hands-on previews and showings at recent trade shows have indicated that DC Universe Online is coming together well.

You won’t be able to choose a Batman or Superman, but you’ll be able to create your own unique superhero and inhabit the same world as the blue wonder and the caped crusader, fighting alongside them to keep the streets safe. So far we’ve seen screenshots and images of the game’s Metropolis location, but concept art seen earlier indicates that areas like Gotham City (including The Batcave and Arkham Asylum) will be available for players to explore.

The DC license is potentially a very lucrative one, and SOE seem intent on not letting things slip through their fingers as you could argue happened with Star Wars Galaxies. As a result they’re collaborating with top talent in the comic book industry, including design veterans from DC’s Wildstorm imprint, led by comic book legend Jim Lee (on board as Executive Creative Director), and writers Geoff John’s and Marv Wolfman, of Justice Society of America, and Crisis on Infinite Earth’s fame.

In terms of minute to minute gameplay, expect something in the vein of Prototype, InFamous, or The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, with emphasis placed on fast paced action and quick environmental traversal, including flight, super speed, etc.

Special moves and attacks will be mapped to actual button presses as in games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends, rather than the combat queues seen in games like World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online, leading to a more action oriented, skill-based experience. That said, the game won’t be discarding RPG conventions entirely, as there will be leveling and inventory management systems in place.

Sony Online Entertainment have also been smart enough to hint that the monthly subscription fee model is one they won’t be using for DCUO, and given the game’s console ambitions, it would seem a wise choice.

Chances of it happening: Like SOE’s other in-development PlayStation 3 MMO, perhaps even more so given the target console’s demographics, this is also a lock. DC Universe Online appears almost tailor made for consoles, with its action RPG-esque gameplay and popular license. All signs point towards a 2010 release.

Final Fantasy XIV:

Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: 2010

What is it? The Final Fantasy series really needs little introduction. Sids, Chocobo’s, Moogles, limit breaks, summons, we’re familiar with all the series conventions. That said, Final Fantasy XIV is something else altogether.

In May 2002, Square Enix launched Final Fantasy XI for the PlayStation 2 and PC in Japan, a North American release would follow two years later, and two years after that, in 2006, the Final Fantasy series would come to an Xbox platform for the first time when the MMO found its way to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Despite achieving a modest level of success, particularly in Japan where it’s the countries most played massively multiplayer online game, it’s probably safe to say Final Fantasy XI never quite made the impression many had hoped, as it’s un-Final Fantasy-like look, and brutal solo gameplay turned off many long time fans.

Seven years after its initial release, and Square Enix is ready to do it all again, as it prepares to release only its second ever MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.

Though it may look similar on the surface, Square Enix appears to be wringing the changes, with a spate of revamped systems designed to make the game easier for new players to get into, and also make solo questing considerably more enjoyable for those interested.

There are also revamped job and battle systems to keep things fresh and in general the developers seem to have paid attention to the advancements made in the genre over the last five years or so.

At E3 this year, Sony’s Jack Tretton made a big deal about Final Fantasy XIV and its exclusivity on the PlayStation 3, words which have come under some scrutiny since it has been revealed that no such exclusivity agreement exists, and that the main stumbling block preventing an Xbox 360 release comes in the form of Microsoft’s Xbox Live policies.

One can’t help thinking that Final Fantasy XIV’s best chance for success exists on consoles, while it enjoys a dedicated following on PC, the market there is fairly congested, with the likes of World of Warcraft, Age of Conan et al all vying for attention. The console battleground by comparison, is much less crowded.

Chances of it happening: Final Fantasy is simply too big a series to remain constrained to the PC, a PlayStation 3 release is a given. Will the game make it to the Xbox 360? If Microsoft is truly serious about challenging the PlayStation 3 in Japan, this could be seen as one of the pre-requisites, whether they’ll be willing to loosen their stringent Xbox Live policies as they did when they made an exception to get Final Fantasy XI on the console remains to be seen.

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Pointers in Starting a Web Design Business

There are plenty of things you can do in the worldwide web. In fact,
more and more people these days have fully maximized their internet
usage from sourcing out research material, socializing, shopping and
money-making. Yes, you can make money online and oftentimes it can be
done right at the comfort of your home. Do you have a web designing
skills? Then, why not start a web design business at home?

To be able to reach more people, entrepreneurs launched their business
online. To do this, they need the services of web designers to make
high-quality websites in order to attract consumers. Venturing into a
web business is an excellent option to work at home giving
you the full control over your time, work type and clients whom you
will be working with.

Here are some useful pointers in starting a home-based web business.

•Expand your web designing skills by enrolling into web designing
enhancement classes and programs either offline or online. This is
very important for you to be able to deliver top-quality web sites by
being updated with the latest trend in the industry and provide the
finest service possible.

•Figure out if the government will require you to get a permit even
if you work at home. You must also disclose your plans of starting a
work-from-home business either to your landlord if you are renting or
the management of the Homeowner Association to make sure that you can
operate a home-based business.

•If government permits are required, ensure to meet them up and have
your work-from-home business venture registered at the local state
with its respective licenses and permits.

•Make a detailed strategic plan that reflects an easy step by step
ways of getting new clients and maintain existing clients. Employ this
strategic marketing plan both to your offline and online clients.
Also, get involved into different networking events to build strong
affiliations and improve your business as well.

•Hire the services of a lawyer to make a business contract containing
the relevant information about the scoop of work, mode of payment,
rights of the work and the conditions of terminating the contract.
Otherwise, you may find some work statement template on the internet
and modify it according to your preferences in case you cannot afford
lawyer fees. This is very important as this will protect you in case
problems arise pertaining to the work.

•Keep records for accounting purposes. There are various accounting
software programs to help you trace the cash flow of your home-based
web design business for tax reasons.

•Gather all your creations and make a portfolio so that clients can
see your web designing capabilities. Offering discounted rates helps
in attracting clients especially for novices in this field.

Going through the abovementioned tips will surely help you in starting
your own web design business at home and reap the benefits that come
with it.

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