Dismay and Relief For Modern Warfare 2 Gamers This Week

This week started of with dismay from Modern Warfare 2 gamers at the news of an online survey seeming to suggest that Activision is considering a premium style subscription service for the online aspect of MW2!! This has had fans up in arms this week as it will exclude those who cant afford it, from using all the aspects of the new call of duty title.
Thankfully today the fears of gamers everywhere were quashed by Infinity Ward’s community Manager on the official forum,
“This rumor has absolutely nothing to do with Infinity Ward or our games, including Modern Warfare 2. We would never introduce such a system for Modern Warfare 2 so don’t worry.”
This is a relief for many fans as the RRP of the new call of duty title is already touted to be higher than any triple A game currently out there. Robert Bowling the community manager went on to say,
“Multiplayer will always be equal and free for everyone as always.”
Great news for fans every, as previous rumours list a number of additional services for the game that players could buy via subscription based models (monthly, quarterly, and annually) or as bundled content with a copy of the game at an added cost.
Some of the structures of the premium services were thought to have been leaked, varying in price and services from a $10 (£6) annual charge to a $150 (£91) all inclusive game pack. In return, Activision was thought to be offering everything from discounts on DLC and weapon customization at the cheaper end of the scale, to a War Room for strategy’s and access to tournaments. All of these extras were described as optional, meaning that gamers would still of been able to buy normal copies of the game without a subscription based service.
Thankfully it looks like gamers do not have to worry about any subscription services for Modern Warfare 2. Bring on November!
Written by Managing Director of MW2 Gamer Leon Rossiter, for more information on Modern Warfare 2 or our upcoming call of duty guide check out our Modern Warfare 2 site.

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Written by Leon Rossiter. Managing director of Modern Warfare 2 Gamer.

Have the Time of Your Life with Doodle Jump!

Doodle Jump is a great game initially created only for iPhone, but now has fans from all countries of the world, irrespectively of age or occupation. It’s very interactive and has a user-friendly interface that keeps so many people addicted to it. Because it was such a success among iPhone users, the inevitable need of developing a PC version rose to surface and now PC users from all around the world can enjoy this great adventure.

The game is simple-structured and very easy to play and this is surely one of the main reasons of it being so famous. Basically, you get to lead a Doodle character through tens of fearsome monsters that can hardly wait to claw your little Doodle and to throw it into the pitch black holes. The purpose is to have him continuingly jump up, trying to avoid all obstacles and bring the Doodle man on safe ground.

If you’re playing this game on an iPhone, you should tilt the screen in order to get the character moving or avoiding obstacles, but if you already started playing the Doodle Jump online you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or direct your character with the mouse buttons.

Talking about treats, there are plenty on the way up and they will increase or improve your character’s abilities. For example, if you take the springy shoes the next 5 jumps will be extra high. Also, the other goodies including the hat or the shield will protect you from the boogie monsters encountered along the way.

Seeing all the game’s success among people of all ages, some smart people thought of developing a series of Doodle Jump cheats and strategies you can use in order to increase the character’s capabilities or just to enhance your gaming experience. You have the option of using cheat codes to skip some levels or to change the appearance and themes or you can study the strategies revealed online to get the high scores.

So, if you are already convinced of the delights this game can offer you by opening in front of your eyes unsuspected adventures that will keep your heart pumping louder and louder, you can download the application online. You don’t need to go and buy an iPhone just to play this game, now you can enjoy a real online adventure together with other passionate players you can exchange experiences with. But be prepared to get absorbed in a world of wonders from where you’ll probably never escape.

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Play Sonic Games

Since the development of the little blue hedgehog, it has become very popular for children and adults alike, and that is simply because people who play Sonic games have loved and adored the franchise for many years now. Sonic games have gained so many fans who will love and support him for years to come. Now we will go over a few of the most popular and most entertaining releases to date.

In the game Sonic & Knuckes, generally on a first observation we can tell you that the playing levels are very large and a lot more difficult then the traditional Sonic that is available. A lot of thought had been put into building an a fun and interactive game with the idea of having the gamers enjoy an enhanced graphical experience. The music and even the sound effects in the game are amazing. This game is recommended as a good entertaining source.

When we review Sonic The Hedgehog 2, the first major thing we can comment on is the fact that Sonic was introduced to a new signature move, and that is the Spin Dash. The general idea here is when Sonic curls up into a ball and spins faster and faster with the capability of shooting himself in a roll which allows him to wreck havoc on the levels. He basically destroys everything that comes in his way when he does this. This move became very popular and everyone did it when they played Sonic games.

On a quick look at Sonic the Hedgehog 3, we see that in this popular release our adorable hedgehog goes after Robotnik from Angel Island where he he is introduced to Knuckles. The graphics are much approved in this version and the story line is very detailed.

Sonic Adventure, a game that was introduced to the Dreamcast, was a game that had high expectations and they were met in every angle. It was the first 3D Sonic game that was developed.

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Adventure Games Popular Online Games

Computer gaming online or offline has gained fame in the masses. From the stories of puzzle to competitions; there are different computer and video games that can be played on different formats, PSP, PS3, PS2, and Xbox. These free online gaames belongs to that style of entertainment with interesting hobbies like space travel, star wars, wrestling , puzzle solving, fictional adventures, fantasy and situational puzzle. Frequently, these types of enjoyment with a tale and full of graphics and animation designed.

We see that these activity are more well-liked among the people and the gamers compared to any other video games. Adventure games focus on issues such as journeying and puzzle solving with a variety of exhilarating ones where players have many opportunities to be actively involved. Action games of the modern era are more participated. Action games and adventure can be played in a single player or multiplayer. Since then, the storyline was the primary objective of these so they are generally in the single player mode.

There are a variety of adventure and action games on the market today. While many sites offer different types of games that can be easily downloaded to PC or Laptops. But most adventure games and action are available online on PC and with limited console based types. Most adventure executes on returning or retrieving something where the main character performs acts of kindness, like the rescue, freeing the prisoners, animals, etc. At times includes impossible journey. In games like Return to Zork, the main character must return to the appropriate place, or his or her game stops there unfinished.

Adventure games were famous in the 1980′s, but with the released of action games people have become fanatical about these games. However, the famous adventure games like Syberia and Syberia II, which are available both PC and Xbox are still famous among the players. Even Trace Memory and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Nintendo DS released in recent years has become very well-known. The latest action games like WWF games are also getting popular. Free online action games and adventure games can now be downloaded from the website. Most gamers now prefer to play online adventure games by creating social spaces.

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Its good to have an adventure games<a/> and play them having fun.
With your mind games like quiz games<a/>.

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 DS game download – Download Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 DS game Now!

Do you know that there are many people who are playing downloadable DS games from the Nintendo DS games. They do this by downloading the DS games from Nintendo’s download center and then play games on their DS consoles. If you really want to play Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 DS game you can download it online.

I have personally found a good DS Game download site called Nintendo DSi Center that scans and checks its database of DSi games for viruses and other malicious software. Nintendo DSi Center do not allow a file on their site unless it is safe and secure. This is a much safer option for you to be able to download DS games without any risk of damage to your DS/DSi consoles.

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Nintendo DSi Center contains over 300,000 Downloads making it the Biggest Database for the DS, DSI and DSI XL!

Nintendo DSi CenterProvides you a complete database where you can find the newest and your favorite Games, Movies, Music, Software and much more totally for free!

WoW Addicts Review – Level Fast With This Guide

WoW is a game that has created a cult following over the years. It has created a global phenomenon, so to speak, which gave the world of gaming a whole new dimension. Naturally, a few guides have been created to beat this game. Among them, the popular WoW Addicts Guide. Does this guide guide measure up to its claims? You’ll find out in this WoW Addicts Review.

{What It Claims}…
{Faster Leveling In Shorter Number Of Days}
Unless you’re someone who is absolutely free from any obligations or someone who has totally abandoned your social life, you may find it a bit hard to find time for playing the game. If you have life outside the game though and have only a few hours to spare on leveling your toon, a guide like the WoW Addicts will serve you well. This is the problem that the guide tries to resolve|address.

Glutony, the creator of the guide, is the current record holder for the fastest leveling in the game which stands at 5 days and 8 hours for leveling his level one toon to level 70. No tricks, cheats, or hacking involved, every trick is legitimate. Glutony is practically a legend in the fantasy universe of Warcraft for he has booted out the longest standing record in soloing. Now with his new guide, Glutony is letting in other players like him to his secrete strategies and techniques to solo leveling.

Aside from these, he is also detailing some very valuable auctioning techniques and grinding tips for fattening your wallet and increasing your EXP. With these comes the benefit of accessing a members-only forum where tips and advises between members are regularly exchanged.

{It’s Features}
{Interface Options}
One of the top features of this guide is its section for special controls and settings. The guide details how tweaking some controls prior to taking up a quest, while doing a quest, or after could make a difference in your performance and gaming speed. Auto Join Guild Recruitment Channel and Instant Quest Text are only some of the controls that are covered in the guide.

{User Interface Add-Ons}
These, you probably have probably heard of before, but never as detailed as the explanations on Glutony’s guide. Add-ons are special game features, usually enhancements, that are sourced online. This guide provides links on websites where important add-ons could be downloaded.

{Other Features}
This WoW guide shows step-by-step instruction on the fastest route to hit the level cap. It also discusses some very useful gold making techniques in its -300 Gold Area section along with discussions on how to speed up leveling as well as some information on trading.

{The Cost}
The entire package sells at $37.00 per piece. Which means with less than $40, you’ll get access to some of the best-kept secrets of a WoW master. Now isn’t that something? And if you’re not impressed with what is contaioned in the guide, you can always get your money back. Over all, it’s a good proposition.

On the flip side this guide cannot do the impossible – turn you into a level 80 without you moving a finger. The game is meant to be played and that entails some work on your part.

For more information about this guide, check out another WoW Addicts Review.

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Not sure how to negotiate your way in a particular level? A WoW Addicts guide could help you. find out more about this guide by reading a WoW Addicts Review or two.

The wonderful world of Sims 3 Ambitions

The ultimate add-on of Sims3 is known as Ambition and has created every media hype possible! As a sequel to the prize winning existing Sims three – the little PC characters, the Ambition would be a long wait for people eager for it. These fantasy games have won the hearts of the million and the Ambition would do same. In case of Ambition, you can manage your little Sims through their daily actions in a mixture of innovative activity. This career game-play has been really admired for a while and the developers are glad to introduce it in this extended version.

The Sims3 Ambitions needs Window Vistas 7 /XP, Mac OS X Intel, MAC OS 10.5 Leopard to start. The game shall be sold on 1st June 2010 and the inpatient followers have already preorder it.
The baseline for Sims3 is the departure from ordinary themes to themes of thoughts offering other distinctive exploration and that have a wider magnitude of instruction on the collective front. Personal taste and healthy living is also included that will see a Sim setting up stuff like rookie air condition machines and slippery carpets to move along with no friction that may otherwise cause foot sores and like stuff.

The workings of the game are simple. They involve the same triumph and failure mode of all games requiring the player to assign their icons in work conditions untried before counting industry, surgical procedures even scene planning. It is then upon the will of the player to take his tool through possible decisions either in the right way or through pitfalls. To illustrate in demanding conditions like private eye work, the gamer has the choice to get information by all forceful measures, even by violence and additional underhand ways like corrupting another Sim. This will generate comical situations for the participant will have to result to anything, even theft, to keep his hopes arrive at resolving the crime and therefore winning the game.

The main characteristic of this Sim 3 Ambition is that you can lead the actions and interactions while they complete their job. Numerous new characters are released like the doctor, private investigator, fireman, ghost huntsman and more, which is exciting! It is packed with all innovative activities like tattooing, sculpting and inventing new things that weren’t present in the previous games. How you will control Sim is entirely your choice – he may well be the city hero otherwise the one creating damage in the district! Sim’s future lies in your hands.

Sims3 Ambitions will release its new expansion, Ambitions Pack, on the 1st of June 2010. The EA company who are the developers of the game aim at giving gamers inspiring analytical delve into the core of professions such as being architects, stylists and detectives.

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Reincarnation: All Hallow’s Evil

AHh, yet another really superb flash game has just recently been released? I’m sure you already know what I am talking about assuming you read the title, yep that’s right it’s: Reincarnation: All Hallow’s Evil. Now personally Ill admit, I am not to familiar with the series, but boy is this one popular flash game. Within just a few hours of being released my blog that contains walkthroughs was swarmed with traffic. Needless to say this made me realize that there must be a lot of people who can’t beat the game as well as a lot of fellows that need help/tips.

Something about that little purple character devil just makes me smile, they also have plush toys no available (see in game menu screen) I was thinking about getting one, they are just so dang clever and original… Which is why this point and click escape style game has has quite the success in the Reincarnation series, do you blame it?

Anyways, some may be wondering will there be a hacked version of this game? Well I’m not exactly quite sure at the moment, you can always check back regularly to see if one has been released, new games are constantly added, keep an eye open because there are a lot of great flash games being released daily! Anyways back to my simple review on the game: I like the overall idea and concept, challenging games are always fun, it requires more than just clicking, it makes the human mind actually think (which most of us don’t do) Yep, those darn game developers are smart, they are trying to throw in a twist of education to flash games…. Tricky little suckers, but at least we aren’t all brain dead like Zombies… speaking of which, who here likes Zombie games? I sure do… probably one of my favorite genre of online gaming- if you can classify it as one… you know what I mean?

Anyways, whichever style of gaming you like I recommend trying this game, it is definitely worth it, even if you hate puzzle/challenging games, you may change your mind… I know it changed my, so please do enjoy!

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Levi Hugo is a flash game developer and designer.

Poker Tournament: facing the challenge

This is a difficult experience when one thinks about playing poker in the tournament live. As is too boring to play poker on the Internet. For online poker players in the game helps, but is sharpening. A big difference between the two is that with online tournaments, a player more comfortable and confident since his opponents can not see it, with a live tournament poker with the spectators and opponents of anticipation as the confinement may weaken the knees. But do not need to blues on the situation, because if someone has the courage and skills, and the reason for this waste?

For those here to participate in a major tournament poker, you want some suggestions. The first thing to do to prepare for competition issues to face the fear and tension. Go to the tournament where more than just play. If you do not have such a public life, as is also to take a quick decision to save time and money in the system.

Another party is to wear comfortable clothing. Remember, this is not a fashion show and you’re going for, it’s a tournament that requires focus, and clothing to be able to relax, with a focus on the game has. Nothing extraordinary, but performance.

What are alcoholic beverages or intoxicating drink because it can affect one of the detention. Water is the best thirst quencher, but at least try to drink. Possible through the game just to take the draft to avoid going to the toilet.

Championship game of poker, and allows players to choose their seats favorite, so exploited. Sometimes it is better to sit in front of the dealer in order to see other players or opponents. When you sit down and relax and try to limit their activities. Can distract you, as well as more countermeasures.

When the announcement of a break, it is my duty to go to the toilet or drink some water if you do try to achieve maximum before. Chat with other players because you do not know, in some cases avoid some of the suggestions you may have. See how the other players are doing. Most of the players playing on the losing side, they have a strong hand and a large amount of risk they face.

Poker tournament the last one of the important information you need to learn the rules of entry chosen. Barriers to provide you with a lot of money mentioned, it is.

Poker Tournament is a real challenge. But a large crowd of opponents to face and we are willing to risk their fears, it is worth a try. Just always remember that great strategy, and work is under way and self-confidence to try to impossible worth it.

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R4 DS Card

You can buy R4 DS Card either on line or through different vendors. In order for you to play a R4 DS you will also need Micro SD Card and you have to plug a Micro SD memory card into the back of it. Main reason being that R4 Cards don’t have internal RAM they can use. With R4 Cards you can play Nintendo games on Nintendo DS. With R4 Card, besides playing your DS games, you can also watch movies, play music, watch pictures and much more with it.

To put it in a nut shell, you will need a Micro SD card to store all your games, movies or pictures and R4 Card will then allow you to play them on your Nintendo DS. Micro SD acts like a shell in which you put your R4 card and plug it in like a normal DS game since it is in the form of a cartridge.Once plugged in you can drag and drop to play or watch anything that you want. If you buy only a R4 card, then you cannot use it because it is only an adaptor. In order for you to play and enjoy R4 card, you will need a Micro SD also and with both combined together you can transform your Nintendo gaming consoles into a true entertainment module.

If you want to save or play any movies or videos, then you can easily store these on your Mirco SD card, and R4 card then allows you to play them.Because of this R4 Card is the hottest current DS Slot-1 flash card which allows you to play and watch literally everything on your Nintendo DS.Common size for R4 cards is 2 gb and on average these can hold up to 29 – 40 games. You can even download games on to it from different sites making this device exceptionally versatile and easy to use.

Some of the main features of R4 DS Card for new users are that they are the same size as original DS games cartridge, they support the WiFi game and DS Browser, they are backward compatible with Nintendo DS consoles, they use Micro SD card for memory and storage of data, they are supported by varying speeds of Micro SD cards, they have drag and drop facility
directly on Micro SD card, they support standard FAT format, they have easy touch screen controls and multiple skins, they boot clean dump images.

With so many advantages and different features that R4 Cards allow its users to enjoy, needless to say they are enjoying a lot of popularity these days among all its users. You can buy R4 cards from numerous online sites and also through various vendors across the town. If you enjoy gaming and want to transform your Nintendo DS into something really revolutionary then buying R4 Card is a must for you so you can enhance and further enjoy that experience with your Nintendo DS. You will really enjoy the freedom and versatility if offers you.

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